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Share Some Love, Ellie’s Way!


Can it really be three years since Ellie’s death on January 20th, 2012? By all measure, that was a terrible day. But, Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 is a different day. This day is a gift to be savored, like all others. It is a day that will trigger difficult memories, but we wish to turn the day into a positive by creating new memories serving others.

Please help us honor Ellie and her love and joy for life. We are asking anyone who would like to join us to perform a special act of kindness on Tuesday, January 20th. We know she would be thrilled with all of us creating new memories, sharing some love, Ellie’s Way! Ellie encouraged people – she especially enjoyed writing nice sticky notes.

Feel free to share any ideas, memories, pictures, or stories that result from this day.

Ellie loved pink, laughing, and playing with her friends. If you knew Ellie, what do you remember about her?

Ellie Ruth Nigro – 02/15/05 – 01/20/12. You are loved, missed, and remembered!

Feel free to share this event with anyone that might like to join us.

God Bless You!
Todd, Kristen, Tyler, Jake, and Ellie (from Heaven)

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Ellie, Maverick, and Grief

EllieandMavMaverick and Ellie

A creature was born in the name of Grief four years ago. He was a little daschund puppy name Maverick.

Although I wasn’t around during his early days, here’s what I imagine. As with every litter, there is a runt, and he was the runt. Not only was he small, but he is blind in one eye. He was picked on and mistreated by his siblings and by his owner, a little boy with a chip on his shoulder. This boy didn’t know any better, but he tormented little Maverick daily. When Maverick didn’t understand, he was kicked. When he was hungry, he ate whatever he could. Maverick’s world was unpredictable, unfair, and a challenge every day. Maverick is Grief.

One day we were driving by an old house with a sign “Puppies for sale!” My kids had been bugging me forever and we couldn’t help ourselves. We stopped and saw poor little Maverick. After Ellie held him, it was obvious he was coming home with us. Ellie and Maverick became best of friends. They visited all the neighbors, made videos together, and walked every day. Despite Maverick’s background, he was a good friend to Ellie. She called him Maverick the “Wolf” because of his sometimes “dark” side.

A few weeks after Ellie died, Maverick was running around the living room and barking. We looked in to watch him. He was running up to a large picture of Ellie. He would stop, look at her, and bark a few times. Then, he would run a few circles around the living room and do it all over again. This went on for 10 minutes and several times. He was playing with his buddy, Ellie.

So why does Maverick personify Grief? He is difficult and unpredictable. You don’t know when he might lash out and growl at you, so I’m careful around him. Maverick is a part of us and Ellie. Because Maverick loved Ellie, there is a place in our home for him for as long as he lives. He is hard to deal with. Will he ever soften and become a warm and comfortable dog all the time? I doubt it. We’ll have to work out how to enjoy each other when we can, and tolerate our quirks together, as we both remember Ellie.


Ellie introduces you to her dog, Maverick

Some background on this video. After Ellie died, we decided to download any videos on the camera to see if there was anything we might want to use for the memorial service. We were stunned to find a bunch of videos that Ellie had created all by herself. She left us many priceless gifts.


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Share Some Love on Ellie’s 2nd Angelversary


It’s hard to believe it has been two years since Ellie’s death on January 20th, 2012.

On Monday, January 20th, 2014, we want to remember Ellie’s wonderful zest for life. We know she would be thrilled with all of us creating new memories serving others.

Please help us remember Ellie by performing a random act of kindness or serving someone in need.

Please feel free to share any ideas, memories, pictures, or stories that result from this day.

Ellie loved pink, writing encouraging sticky notes, laughing, and playing with her friends.

Ellie Ruth Nigro – 02/15/05 – 01/20/12. You are loved, missed, and remembered!

Feel free to share this event with anyone that might like to join us.

God Bless You!
Todd, Kristen, Tyler, Jake, and Ellie (from Heaven)

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Merry Christmas


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We received a beautiful gift for Christmas that will be treasured forever…

Our artistic friend, Tammy, drew this amazing picture of Ellie with the following poem. The art is being framed for Christmas. The best gifts are those from the heart.

by Beulah B. Malkin

I built a tiny garden
In a corner of my heart
I kept it just for lovely things
And bade all else depart
And ever was there music
And flowers blossomed fair;
And never was it perfect
Until you entered there


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Pretty in Pink!


Ellie absolutely loved pink!

She loved…

  • pink shoes
  • pink hats
  • pink shirts
  • pink pants
  • pink earrings
  • pink underwear
  • pink socks
  • pink animals
  • pink pillowcases
  • pink candy
  • pink sticky notes
  • pink everything!

Pink is a reminder of Ellie — warm, inviting, loving…


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The Power of a Hug


We received this message around Ellie’s first angelversary, and it touched our hearts deeply.

Dear Nigro Family,

As you know it has been a year since Ellie passed away and I just wanted to share with you and your family a personal memory that I have of Ellie. I’ve been thinking about sharing this with you for some time now, but it’s been difficult for me to put my memory into words. I work at a child care center where Ellie used to visit. I watched Ellie laugh and play so many times and every time I saw her, it just made my day. I was the one who got the privilege of getting to know her, and I got to know her pretty well. This memory is my last memory of her and I think about it all the time. January 18th, 2012, was the last time I saw Ellie.

That day for me was really bad. Any and everything that could go wrong did. I failed a quiz, was late for work, ran out of gas, broke my favorite pair of sunglasses, and the list goes on. Work was hectic that day. I remember one baby just screaming and causing my ever growing headache to get worse. Finally, Ellie came in with a smile as always and ran off to play with the other kids.

I joined them in a game that Ellie was making up and after a while I became distant. I suffer from depression and that night was hard on me and I was at my ropes end, just ready to break down and really hating life. Before I knew it Ellie was standing in front of me looking up at me. I looked down to her and when our eyes met she wrapped her arms around me and gave me the best hug that anyone could ever ask for. I asked her what the hug was for she simply said “just because” and ran off back to her friends and the game.

That one simple hug changed my outlook on the entire day, turning that horrible day into something good. That one hug put a smile on my face for days. The hug your daughter gave me that day changed my day so much that it kept me from self harming, which I’ve now given up, but at that time was at its worst.

I am so thankful that I got the privilege and honor to meet such an amazing little girl who was so full of love and joy. Ellie was an amazing young girl who is missed every day. I’m sorry for your loss. She is gone, but she will never be forgotten by the people whose lives she touched. Ellie holds a special place in my heart and always will.

Ellie’s Friend

Ellie’s hugs are one of the most prized memories we have, and something we miss every day. This message conveys how Ellie touched us and others with her love and amazing awareness of the people in her life. This memory is such a blessing and a wonderful illustration of the power of a hug.

Todd and Kristen


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Ellie’s Love


Ellie’s Love

by G W (Bill) Marshall

A very precious and unique little girl,
Has got her wings and angel’s smile,
For when the scroll did first unfurl,
Was found her name that meant beguile.

This princess that angels found with joy,
With such innocence they all blushed
And curiosity death could not destroy,
But on arrival, the angels’ choir hushed.

Only love was found in this tiny vessel,
That grieving hearts held so very dear,
And in an angel’s arms she would nestle,
While Jesus turned aside to shed a tear.

G W (Bill) Marshall /January 19, 2013


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One Pink Flower


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”

– Unknown

This picture was taken in our front yard in Ellie’s garden. There is but one pink flower. There was but one beautiful Ellie.

For those that don’t know, Ellie’s favorite color was pink.


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One Third


As I was finally slowing going through the hundreds of cards and letters that we received, I found this letter from our friend Kerry and it was so beautiful. These things are hidden treasures in the wonderful stack of goodwill that was sent our way. We appreciate all the love and support that has come our way. The video below contains a reading of the letter by a kind volunteer.

one third

by Kerry Worley

you lost one third of your life today. it slipped away from you like a feather in the wind, no second opinion, no chemo, no pumps or shunts, no internet search, no new medications, no prayer groups, no guru. just gone. giggling, warm, and alive at breakfast, and a different, terrible world by dinner.

you lost one third of all you bore, all you nursed, all you played with, cried for, laughed with, all you worried about. one third of all you took to the doctor, took to lessons, took to practice, cheered for, corrected, praised, educated, and loved. loved with all of your heart. one third of all you made plans for, all you had hopes for, all you would die for. one third of all you protected with all of the fierceness you could ever muster. gone at the whim of something unimaginable. one third of you is gone.

but Ellie was more than a third. more than just one of three children. she was, as all children are, everything. your baby, your only little girl. sweet, good natured little Ellie. she was six. that’s one half woman and one half baby. diligent enough to practice the cello with the determination of someone much older, yet still finding her in your bed some mornings. she was a big presence in your life, much more than just a number, unquantifiable in your life, your home, your heart.

one third of you is gone, but not just one third. it wasn’t split evenly. it is the good parts. mostly your soul, but a good bit of your heart, too. even your mind and your strength don’t feel quite right. the good parts went with her, and the useless ones, arms, legs, face — all of which you would trade in a minute to have her back, are still here.

but one third is a fraction. it’s a part, and there is…another part. two thirds of your joy, your life, your vibrance are still here with you. and they are broken too. they are waiting on your strength so that they can get theirs. they will wait as long as you need for them to, but when you are ready, you will teach, and love, and cheer, and drive (with wheels and with will) — and you will, one day, find that there is a little spark of joy somewhere. it will grow, and you will start to get your soul back. it is winter now, but spring is coming. and you haven’t really lost yourself at all, it is just in mourning, and waiting to grow again. and although you’ll always miss her, always love her, never forget one little detail of her, you will be whole again.


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Smile for the Ages

Smile for the Ages
by Todd Nigro (Ellie’s Dad)

Ellie, each day with you was special, it’s hard to express,
I loved your voice, smile, laugh, and your sweet tenderness.
Your joyful, playful spirit was such a contagious one,
A minute in your presence was bursting with fun.
I always enjoyed our adventures playing on the beach,
It’s heart breaking to realize you’re not within my reach.
You were so amazing and beautiful in so many ways,
Sincere, giving, and loving through all of your days.
I wish I could hug you right now, why did you have to go?
These days are hard without you, but this you should know,
When the day comes to join you in that heavenly place,
A beautiful smile for the ages will be on my face!

Special Thanks to Michael Mackin

“I want to thank you for allowing me to record your lovely poem you wrote for your daughter Ellie. Having lost my two oldest daughters, Shannon and Cynthia, and my wife of 32 years, Linda, to a drunk driver in 2007, I’ve learned to really appreciate life. Thank you for giving me the honor to help keep the memory of Ellie alive. There is one thing I’ve learned — we can lose loved ones, but no one can take from us our memories and those special moments in time.”
-Michael Mackin


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