Has your faith been challenged or strengthened in your grief?

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Teresa Whitaker

Challenged, because I feel like I’m fighting a battle daily to survive and try to understand.
Strengthened because without my faith in God, I would have nothing or no one to lean on. I wouldn’t have the assurance I would see my son again.


challenged. I prayed, daily, for my son and for his salvation.. Then, to have him killed in an instant makes me question why my prayers weren’t answered. That being said, I cling to what a co-worker told me. – :God is too good to be unkind, He is too wise to be mistaken, and when you can’t trace His hand, that’s when you must learn to trust His heart.”

Jennifer Lantz

Strengthened. I have faith i will see her again. That my grandparents are taking care of her till i get there

Patricia Lopez

Challenged for sure!

Maria Williams

My faith has been strengthen in my grief. My child wasn’t supposed to live past her first birthday. God blessed us with 25 years. To him I give all the glory for giving us so many wonderful years.

oh yeah. I loathed the thought of God!!!!! I felt very betrayed as I had prayed for 32 years that I wouldn’t have to lose a child, and sure enough, I did. I’ve only prayed 3 times in 19 months because I feel it is a waste of time. I know that he exists and I have seen physical signs from God, as well as my son. There are some “phrases” I hear about God and I wanna throw up, but for the most part I believe in Him and am trying to build a relationship with Him again. I’ll… Read more »
Laurie Lattin

Strengthened for certain. In the midst of feeling shattered and broken, I know I could not have survived Drew’s death without God in my life. I cannot count the times I cried out to Jesus. I cannot count the number of my tears He has saved in a jar. My belief in eternal life has kept me alive until the time God calls me home. I would have been suicidal without knowing, believing these truths.


Definitely challenged. When I went to be the night Levi died I realized that I was going to find out whether I really believe in heaven or not. I have found that I definitely do and also find that I am much less attached to this world and long for heaven, my true home.


Challenged. My name is Faith also. I was angry at God. “Why would He send Ashton,my grandson, just to take him back in 10 weeks ” it took quite a while to get through that.

Strengthened. I know without God, I never would have gotten through those dark days. He is in control and needed Ashton back. I can’t wait to see him again.

Challenged, again! When my father died suddenly at the age of 52 in 1979, on Easter Sunday, 3 weeks before my first child was born, I lost my faith and remained that way for many years. I finally come to terms with it all and returned only to have my son, the one who was born just after my father died also died suddenly at the age of 36. You’re damn right my faith is challenged, these were 2 of the best men ever put on this earth they were kind and caring of everyone they ever met. It’s going… Read more »
Jennifer Pond


Rhonda S Gibson

I find myself believing that if there is a God, he is a cruel and sick being. He couldn’t protect an innocent child holding so much pain that he took his life this past September. The subject of God, at this time, is something I want nothing to do with.

suzanne slates

Very much challenged. We started up back to a church down the street from our house. It’s not actually a ‘church’, they hold it in the grange hall. Very few people, but we like it. That’s about all I can say.