How have your priorities changed?

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Don’t give a poop and don’t put up with poop


All of the drama in society seems such a waste. I want to tell most people they don’t have a clue what is important.

Pamela Culotta

You’re so right. One phone call can change your life forever

Teresa Whitaker

My family is everything to me, we only have one living child (son). We spend a lot of time together with his family.


My priorities have changed, a lot. I value the small things, like a conversation and a smile from a child. I see God in the daily blessings I receive as I navigate and figure out who I am, alone.
It’s all new as I realize how I had ” my plan” for life. I don’t think that any more. It’s Gods plan for my life.


I tell my kids and grandkids that I love them and to be careful. I did this with my son this also but say it a couple times now. My kids are priorities even though they are 21 and older, as are my grandchildren. I am more patient. I don’t push them aside thinking I will talk to them later. There are no “just a minute” and the minute never comes. I hug more, listen more.

suzanne slates
My priorities have changed immensely. I used to be a clean freak, now if I clean once a month, that’s doing good. I’m not saying I don’t clean the dishes, do the wash, straighten up the house, but I am not near what I used to be. And if I don’t do anything one day, oh well. I try to be more conscience of my younger daughter and my older one, & my 3 granddaughters. As far as my husband, priorities have changed there. There is no kiss goodnight, nothing said in the morning or mainly through the evening. We… Read more »

Live in the moment. It’s all we have.