Can you share a special memory?

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Kimberly Irwin
A very special memory is one day in my truck we was taking a ride,Brandon being 27 had his friend girl over for the night,they stayed up late,watching movie’s and laughing, his bedframe always made a noise,but that night them moving in and out of his room for snacks,I kept hearing his bed noise,so on that day,I told him,Dude you just gota move your bed across to the other side of his room,then I made the squeaky noise I’d heard that night till wee hour’s of the morning, when they finally feel asleep,I embarrassed my son,and all of a sudden… Read more »

My husband loved Roasted green chili we drove from Katy TX to New Mexico to buy it and made it a little mini vacation we stayed in a hotel and bought some tortillas and put the roasted chili son them and that was our supper loved it we had coolers of chili