What was unique and wonderful about your loved one?

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Kimberly Irwin
My son Brandon was my miracle baby,I carried him 10 month’s, I had Cancer,so I Prayed that if the Lord and God would protect my child I’d raise him to know the Bible,to be a Christian, and I did,but my Brandon had such a good heart every since he was young,if his friend of friend’s needing anything, he would come home to get it,or take them to the store,he would help his friend’s parent’s by doing chores,or yard work.Brandon has so many friend’s from rich to poor,but to him they was all the same.He would give his last 10.00 if… Read more »
Louise White

I receive “signs” from him. Today a babysitter of his, recognized me and told me how she thinks of Shawn often and how funny he was as a little boy. I haven’t seen her in 35 years. Be open to signs…they are there…