Questions for the Grieving


We’re building a library of questions for the grieving. The purpose is to provide a place to get answers and see how others have responded and felt through their grief. Share your answer, encourage others, and discuss the topics. Thanks for being part of our community and encouraging others who are on a similar journey.

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1.      What’s your story?
2.      Do you feel like there are no answers, but many questions?
3.      Do you pretend that you are okay?
4.      Were you able to say goodbye?
5.      Do you believe in the power of forgiveness?
6.      What three emotions are you feeling right now?
7.      Do you feel like you are going crazy?
8.      What gets you out of bed in the morning?
9.      Are you angry?
10.    What has comforted you in your grief?
11.    Has your loss given you courage or brought more fear?
12.    How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
13.    Has your faith been challenged or strengthened in your grief?
14.    Do you live in the present, past, or future?
15.    How’s your memory since your loss?
16.    Do you think that peace and pain can coexist?
17.    What physical symptoms have developed in your grief?
18.    How have your priorities changed?
19.    What do you regret?
20.    What resources have been helpful?
21.    Do you believe that service to others is healing to you?
22.    How do you handle the difficult days such as birthdays or anniversaries?
23.    Have you attended a support group? Was it helpful?
24.    Do you struggle with the “Why” question?
25.    Where is your hope?
26.    Have you found a way to honor your loved one’s memory?
27.    Have you felt God’s presence in the darkness?
28.    How have you changed?
29.    What have you done with your loved one’s belongings?
30.    Where do you find beauty in the valley of grief?
31.    Can you share a special memory?
32.    What is the best advice you have received on your grief journey?
33.    Do you think grief can transform you?
34.    What word describes your mood right now?
35.    Do you feel guilt or shame?
36.    When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone?
37.    How have your hobbies and interests changed?
38.    Were you there when your loved one passed away?
39.    What impact do you want to leave on the world?
40.    What was unique and wonderful about your loved one?
41.    What are the positive ways your loved one impacted you and the world?
42.    How’s your energy and motivation?
43.    Do you feel your life has a purpose? What is it?
44.    What makes you excited about life?
45.    How do you comfort others that have also lost a loved one?
46.    Have you found hidden treasures left behind by your loved one?
47.    How could people have helped you better?
48.    Do you feel guilty when you smile or laugh?
49.    What is the difference between grieving and mourning?
50.    What is your favorite memory?
51.    Do men and women grieve differently? How?
52.    What makes you smile?
53.    Do you feel isolated with no one to talk to?
54.    What have you done recently to make someone’s life better?
55.    How would you like to be remembered?
56.    What words are comforting?
57.    What are you afraid of?
58.    Is your glass half full or half empty? Why?
59.    Are you grateful for the time you shared with your loved one?
60.    Are you exercising? Is it helpful?
61.    Name three qualities that describe your loved one.
62.    What books have influenced you most?
63.    What inspires you?
64.    Do you think about Heaven?
65.    How have you helped your children through grief?
66.    What is an item that you treasure and why?
67.    Do you find ways to distract yourself from your grief?
68.    What are you looking forward to?
69.    What are the top three things you cherish in your life?
70.    If you have lost a child, how do you answer “How many kids do you have?”
71.    What were your loved one’s hopes and dreams?
72.    Do you stay strong for others?
73.    What did your loved one appreciate most about you?
74.    Are you feeding your fears or your hopes and dreams?
75.    What do you want your life to look like in 5 years?
76.    How do you take care of yourself?
77.    How do you plan to handle the holidays this year?
78.    Do you find yourself influencing your world, or it influencing you?
79.    What do you miss most about your loved one?
80.    What are the 3 most beautiful things in the world and why?
81.    What brings you peace?
82.    Do you find it hard to enjoy life?
83.    Do you have a place where you can cry and scream?
84.    Are you having trouble sleeping?
85.    What could people learn from your life?
86.    Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or bottle up your emotions?
87.    Who has been most supportive to you, and how were they helpful?
88.    Do you feel hopeful for the future?
89.    What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
90.    Who has given you inspiration and encouragement in your grief?
91.    Has your ability to think clearly been affected?
92.    Are you taking advice that you give others?
93.    What did your loved one teach you?
94.    If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
95.    Do you believe that time heals all wounds?
96.    What are your thoughts about journaling?
97.    What are some positive ways you are coping?
98.    When did the shock wear off and reality set in?
99.    What could you do today to honor your loved one?
100.  How do you deal with people who don’t understand your grief?
101.  What have you learned in your grief?
102.  What was your loved one’s favorite holiday activity?
103.  What was your loved one’s nickname?
104.  Do you believe the pain of your grief will last forever?
105.  Are you comfortable in your tears?
106.  How do you keep a sense of perspective?
107.  What is your new normal?
108.  Do you feel “stuck” in your grief?
109.  Do you feel rushed by others through your grief?
110.  What gift did your loved one leave you?
111.  Have you tried to numb your pain?
112.  Do you choose happiness or leave it to chance?
113.  What are your grief triggers?
114.  What marriage advice would you give a couple starting the grief journey together?
115.  Have you lost friends through your grief?
116.  How are you feeling right now?
117.  If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say?
118.  Who was there for you during the early days of grief?
119.  What are you avoiding?
120.  Are there places that remind you of good times with your loved one?
121.  Do you wish the world would stop and let you rest?
122.  What has the little voice inside your head been saying lately?
123.  Have you experienced a grief ambush?
124.  What do you want the world to remember about your loved one?
125.  Do you think you can find joy again?
126.  What have you given up on?
127.  Have you dreamed about your loved one? Can you share?
128.  Are you a grief introvert or extrovert? What is your language of comfort?
129.  What was your loved one’s favorite joke? (or funny story)
130.  Does it seem that no one understands how you feel?
131.  Do you wish Heaven had visiting hours? What would you say?
132.  What advice would you offer someone who just lost a loved one?
133.  What are some helpful websites?
134.  Do you prefer to grieve with others or alone?
135.  Do people call to check on you?
136.  Do you have traditions to honor your loved one?
137.  What is the biggest challenge you’re facing now?
138.  Are simple tasks difficult?
139.  What were your loved one’s passions?
140.  What is the difference between living and existing?
141.  Does it help when people try to comfort you?
142.  Who are you becoming?

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1 year 4 months ago

When someone speaks your child’s name…

8 months 6 days ago

Do you ever feel that your mom you lost is living in your heart as if you are transforming into her ?