We’re giving away (50) Ellie’s Way Memorial Necklaces for our Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Thank you to all you entered! Here are the (50) randomly selected winners. We will e-mail you with directions to receive your necklace.

Judi Barbee
Brenda Brown
Darlene Carroll
Donna Carter
Sheryl Conlon
Donna Coster
Anita Crew
Rose Dalton
Nancy DeRego
Winnie Duncan
Donna Dwyer
Wilma Farley
Linda Fittje
Janice Garner Wall
Paula Haddad
Rebecca Hawk
Theresa Haynes
Sabrina Hileman
Tonia Hines
Kathy Keenan
Kelly Landis
Susan Lane
Debbie Latham
Stacy LaTurno
Linda Lenox
Fiona Maxwell
Sarah Mershin
Leneia Miller
Sandra Montenegro
Erica Morin
Traci Murray
Jean Otterson
Melanie Pate
Sherry Payne
Cathy Phillips
Mable Phillips
Rita Powell
Evelyn Scott
Cheryl Severin
Sandy Shaffer
Elizabeth Simpkins
Jill Sorensen
Lisa Strong
Diane Stumph
Carol Teehee
Melinda Trlica
Patty Trusty
Jennifer Ventura
Colleen Warren
Teresa Whiting

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Evelyn Parr
My son Matthew ” Happy ” Smith became homeless by choice to share the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ with others that might not get it otherwise. He walked across the country with a bible in his hand and love in his heart for 17 years to make sure that others felt wanted and loved. He was in a campsite in Oregon where he was overcome by the 106 degrees temperature with heat stroke. He passed away there on July 23, 2013, just 2 days shy of his 41st birthday. He was a true disciple of Christ! I love… Read more »
Debra Willis

I lost my 24 year old son on December 11, 2015. His daughter turned 1 year old on December 17. My heart still aches and I cry every day. They say that time heals all things but time will never heal my heart from this loss! I miss him so much!!

Tracey Nickles

I would love to win a package to honor my angel Sophie Leah. She was born 11-13-13, we lost her at 8 1/2 months old on July 29 2014 after multiple surgeries to her heart due to CHD. My lovely angel was also born with Down Syndrome. She never got passed 8 pounds or outgrew newborn clothes. She was the delight of our lives. So sweet and people were drawn to her and her easy going attitude. She was dubbed the NICU princess by everyone at the hospital. So tiny but so loved. We will forever miss our “Poptart” .

Kimberly Irwin
I Miss the only child I have,I carried my baby with Cancer for 10 month’s, Praying for God to watch over him.I was Blessed to have had him for 27 yrs,but I feel the guilt of not being able to save him on that fateful night.I spend alot of time at the Cemetery, crying,remembering his life,he had such a good heart and so many friend’s, I feel so lost without Brandon in my life. I Miss the only child I have,I carried my baby with Cancer for 10 month’s, Praying for God to watch over him.I was Blessed to have… Read more »

I’m so sorry! I feel your pain. I know your pain. I lost my 21 year old son Augustus 9, 2016

anna souder

I would love to win this for my best friend she has lost a lot of loved one’s 2 SONS A SISTER MOTHER and she is taking care of 4 grand children and just found out she has cancer and just also had a blood clot. She is an awesome person . Her name is Rhonda Sumner

Giovanna Stetson

Hi! I’m entering this giveaway for my two little girls Jade (10) and Haily (8) who lost their brother, my son, Michael at the tender age of 11.
They are still very heartbroken. Michael had Cerebral Palsy and the girls slept with him on the weekends… Michael passed laying in between them. 😭
Thank you for your consideration.

Mary Miller

What a Beautiful Memorial to keep our Angel close to your heart..I would love one in Memory of my Great Niece whose life was Tragically taken she was 19 years old when she was Murdered 10-17-2014 in Hammond Indiana by a Serial Killer that took the lives of 6 other women, She was Beautiful smart and very Talented with a voice that had began to record music..Soar high Sweet Angel you are Forever in my heart..

Auna Pierce

My cousin Michelle could really use this. She lost her son tragically in November 2015. He would have been 13 December 5th. I know her heart aches so much. My heart hurts for the loss of him and for her grief she deals with. It’s never easy to bury your own child but I feel she should have something to help with his memory and to keep him In her heart and thoughts. So devastating to our family this past year with my father dying then Michelle’s older brother to cancer at 36 and then her son at 12.


Aiden Virginia Sue Martin born April 16,2014 passed away March 30,2015. She passed away from sids.

LINDA Mueller
Sandy M

I meet my granddaughter,1 1/2 years ago when my daughter meet her soul mate .Toby was her name I loved how she would want me to pick her up to dance with her.I lost her on 2/13/16 she went to sleep that day and the Lord needed my Angel Toby to help him in Heaven.My precious Toby never awaken again.

Laurie Finch
I would love this pillow for my daughter and her husband. In 2012 June 29th on a beautiful sunny summer day my grandchildren the only three I had and adored. Were in a fatal car accident with their other grandparents. Two of my grandkids Erin the youngest 9 years old and The oldest John D. 13 years old and both of the grandparents Ronald Longpre and Sandy Longpre were killed. The only survivor Brandon 11 years old. This was such a devastating blow to all of us. Only until now am I able to even write about it. I am… Read more »
Debra Henderson
I would love this pillow for my grandson, Caiden. His Mommy passed on September 8th of 2015 of melanoma. He was just 7 when she was diagnosed with it and he had to be the bravest little boy around. For 19 months he went through everything with her to going to the hospital when she had surgery to just helping her with her basic needs. Jennifer was a single Mom to Caiden and he wasn’t that close to his father due to him living in Iowa but 2 days after his Mommy was buried his Daddy came and got him… Read more »

I would love this I lost 4 babies sadly my last babie I give birth to and he was born sleeping on april 12t 2009 it was very hard and it still is hard I would give anything in this world to have my babies back so to have a pillow with his pic would mean the world to me something I could hold on to when Im missing him would mean so much to me than u for doing this give away god bless you

Cynthia Salvati
I would luv to win this in memory of my mom and Dad, I’m missing them so much, that just out of the blue, I just start crying, my moms name is Mary Salvati, dob 11-19-34 to 1-4-2006, my dad’s dob 2-24-32 to 12-30-14, my dad was having a heart. attack. And mom kept hitting his chest with a frozen food, which helped him, then to our surprise my mom passed away 3 mos later of liver cancer, which nor her or us knew she had, she had really bad pain in her side, went to drs, they sent her… Read more »
Brenda M.

I would love to receive this pillow with my beautiful granddaughters picture. Taylor was 11 yrs old when she passed away October 23 2013. She was such an inspiration to us all.

Bridget Cleary

I would love to win a pillow to give to my granddaughter! She was just 4 when Her Daddy and her Kendra went to Heaven! She misses them both so much!!!


Mom 1-16-41-2-19-05.
Ashley 6-26-91-4-5-93.
Austin 4-4-94-3-13-96.

Lisa Direnzo
Hello, than you for having the giveaway, it is very kind of you. Since my only son, Anthony passed away, on 02/25/09, the only things that I enjoy or want are personalized, pertaining to my son! I have a necklace with his photo on it, and a bracelet that says “son”. I cherish! My son was born with a heart defect, and he had emergency closed heart surgery at 6 weeks old. At 3, he had a heart catherization, and correctI’ve open heart. He always had limitations, but was a happy boy. Each surgery was so scary, and we always… Read more »
Darla Lee
Thank you for having this giveaway. I lost my son on 9-30-15. He was 28 years old and just getting life back on track. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy 2 years ago. He went from being a self sufficient young man to dependent on family. Finally, 3 months before his passing, he got his license back and a job again. Life was looking up. He was in his way home from work and had a seizure (after beng seizure free for almost a year). He had a head on accident and died instantly. Two more minutes he would have been… Read more »
Shelly Gregory
On August 31, 2015 the dynamics of our family was forever changed. A terrible car crash claimed 2 members of our family, who were on vacation. There were 2 very small children left without their parents, and 2 sets of parents left without their children. The struggle to get them home from across the country, the despair of a double funeral, the shock of the children and parents most strongly affected was almost to much to bear. The loss of my cousin Jessica & her husband David has affected everyone in our family. They were such a loving, peaceful couple,… Read more »
Patricia Jenkins Ross
Patricia Jenkins Ross

I lost my son Brandon on 7/8/14 to suicide. He was born 6/15/92. He’s forever 22.I would love to have this. So beautiful.

Susan Doub
Thank you for having these giveaways….it is so nice of you….I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my son on Easter 2015 very sudden and very unexpected. He was jogging with his wife and two children when he collapsed and never regained consciousness. It was the worst day of my life….things will never be the same…I’m having an extremely hard time dealing with his death. The only thing good that came out of this is that he saved 3 other people and maybe more by donating his organs. He was a wonderful son, husband, father and brother and a… Read more »
Toni Fluker McAdams

I would love to win one of these packages. I recently lost my mother in law, and we are all still numb, not accepting that this is real. Things have never been the same, but we are coping and working our way thru this devastating loss.

Kelly Schexnayder

I am hoping to win for my mom. We lost my nephew 12/20/15 and we are all having a difficult time but I think she would really benefit from one of these.

Crystal Coates

Hoping to win. I lost my only child and mother in a wreck on 11-14-13. I struggle daily!

Debra Colton

I lost my daughter when she was 4 months old, she suffocated, I miss her so much my Angel Sarah j

tracy woods

I lost my son almost 4 years ago due to suicide …its been a long road and I have to take it one day at a time…I have lost alot of people …dont have much close family members left ..would love one of your packages .it would make my day…thanks

Julie Meeker

I lost my 16 year old daughter, Kayla, to suicide.

Ashley Power

The end of this month marks 3 years without my beautiful boy Jake. He was 8 years old and it was in a tragic accident. I miss him every single day, his smile his laugh his big hugs. He was my everything, I always talk about him with his little brother who was 9 months old when he passed away. He will never be forgotten, & I really appreciate that you guys give us so many different ways to remember our loved ones. Thank you so much.

Sherry C

This would be beautiful to have in my son’s memory. Thank you for having this give away.

Cindy B. Panek

I would love this pillow for my daughter, Erin. My son, her brother Jason “Jay” was killed 8 months ago. They were 18 months apart. Erin is having a rough time and this pillow may help provide her some comfort on this journey with her big brother, her protector in Heaven.

Terri Marquis

i would love to receive one of these. i have been in a deep state of grief since 2 days before my birthday in October when the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with died suddenly in his sleep. It was a shock & i am in a crisis state of grief. Thank you <3

Tammy Bowers

I would love to have a pillow for my son, I lost him to suicide on September 11, 2014, and it
Would mean a lot to me to
Have a pillow for me to have a pillow to lay on !!

Leandra Grigsby

Next week will be five months since I lost my daughter, Caitlyn. Five of the longest and arrest months of my life. I’d love to win this pillow. Thank you.

Celeste Price

My so Danny was flawed like us all but was my protector and helped me so much …I would love to have a pillow but I know whoever gets them will treasure them like I would!!


This is such a beautiful way to remember a loved one who has passed. My dad had a stroke and passed away last January and my son was 21 and passed away in a car accident 2 months later. He was so giving and saved 4 people with his organ donations. It has been such a heartbreaking year for all of us especially his little brother and friends who miss him so badly.

Lauren Trader
I would like to enter this giveaway for a patients Mother that I had. She lost her daughter 1 years ago. The little girl had soto disease but she didn’t pass away from that but a seizure during the night. She was only 7 years olds. I would like to give this to her Mom and brother in memory of her. This little girl only lived a short time but everyone she would look at she would smile at them and say hello by a wave. She wasn’t able to speak but only a few words. She always had a… Read more »
Carol Duff

I would. Love a pillow with my angel son Gerry laying on my bed next to me. I would feel as though he was with me every time I looked at it.. He went home 13 years ago but I was blessed to have him 26 yrs some parents do t get that… I would love to be considered for a pillow I would feel like he was with e and I could hug him I would out his cologne on it and sleep like a baby hopefully through the night… Thank you for your kind offer

Donna Ganster

i would love a pillow in memory of my son Andy who was 30 when he passed away from brain cancer. My heart aches every day.

Joyce Walter

I would love a pillow for my daughter, in memory of her 2 yr old son, our grandson, who was struck and killed by an SUV on February 20, 2015 in the Walmart parking lot.

Crystal Tester Privette
Crystal Tester Privette

My daughter Melody tragically drowned in our bathtub at 18 months old. She was our only daughter and though it’s been 9 years the pain is still so deep.

Vanessa Flinchum

I would love to have one of the pic pillows of my son. My son was hit by a carold on 2-14-14 he was 15 years old. It still hurts so bad miss him so much.

Brenda Wiser

I would love to be able to have my son sleep next to me .my son Dakota Wade passed away May 17 2013 he was only 18 just a couple weeks before graduation . They say he passed of Lemierres syndrome a rare disease to quick please I want to tell people about his experience thank you.

Tina Geesey

I could not imagine having to pick anyone of us grieving parents. I lost my only son on February 18th 2006. Almost 10 years. God bless everyone on here and for you for doing such a beautiful thing. Not the club anyone wants in.

Linda Lenox

This is a beautiful idea. My daughter, Melissa died in 1985 when she was almost 16. I still miss her terribly.

Lisa Younk
I would absolutely love to have this pillow for my sons to share. You see two months before my dtr was killed in a fatal accident my other son Brendan, Missys irish twin (they were 11 months apart) was critically injured in a seperate accident from someone running a stop sign. My son was on life support for 30 days from three brain bleeds, a stroke and many other medical issues. After brain surgery to help him fight to survive he made it. But with severe brain damage. Brendan has zero memory of his life. It was completely erased. we… Read more »
Julie Castille

I would love to enter but not for me. I did lose a child but for my dear friend who lost a baby and it was his first anniversary yesterday and she is having such a hard time.


I would love for my daughter, mother or myself to win one of your beautiful necklaces in honor of my Dad Claude, my brother Arthur Lee 2 yrs old when he passed, and my son Ethan 16 when he passed.

Anne Drummond

It’s a beautiful gift.