Website Visitors:
1.3 million (since July 2013)

Care Packages Shipped:
1,300+ (since March 2014)

Memorial Necklaces Shipped:
900+ (since January 2015)

eCare Packages Downloaded:
5,500+ (since July 2015)

Ellie’s Way Group Members:
14,000+ (since August 2015)

Updated September 2018

Here’s some recent feedback!

“I loved the necklace with my daughters picture and the key chain. It really brightened my day to receive the package from you. I won it in your Mother’s day giveaway and it came the day before Mother’s day and made the day so much better to receive this beautiful memorial gift with my daughter Zandra’s picture on it. I don’t have words to express how good it made me feel. I will treasure this necklace and wear it and know that people will ask about the necklace and the picture and my daughter will be remembered forever. Thank you so much for such a special memento.”
– Darlene C.

“This is absolutely one of the most beautiful memorial necklaces I have ever seen and I truly love and cherish it. These are the kind of gifts everyone who has lost a loved one and is grieving for them mean the most to a broken heart. It’s all about keeping their memory alive and by wearing this necklace it shows the depth of our love for our loved one and how we carry them with us always.”
– Lori M.

“I stumbled upon Ellie’s Way website when doing a google search for information to help a friend. She is grieving hard today for her adult daughter who passed months ago. Ellie’s Way was the first link that came up. I found some helpful scriptures and quotes. I began to explore the website and oh how glad I did. Thank you for sharing about your precious little girl. As I went through the information on the site I cried, laughed, and I felt such love for your baby girl. Such a clever, smart, adorable, little beauty ! I am so sorry for your loss. This website is an amazing tribute to such an amazing little girl. I have joined the Facebook page and requested the newsletter. I hope soon I can help in some way. Thank you so much and God Bless this family.”
– Dianna B.

“I love how I can have my daughter’s picture around my neck all the time. It is a great way to talk about her to people who see it and ask me about it. It is a very well made necklace and is of excellent quality.”
–  Anna B.

“Upon receipt of my care package, I looked at each item and did not feel so alone. When I saw the necklace, I cried and I continued to cry as I touched each item, looked at each item, knowing that love and care went into making this memorial package special to me. Thank you so very much for this.”
– Cindy

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