Do you still create Ellie's Way Care Package and Memorial Necklaces?

No we do not. As Ellie's Way has grown, we have changed our focus to providing encouragement and support through our website, private Facebook groups, and the Ellie's Way app. We have found that we can reach more people more effectively with this change in direction.
What do you recommend for someone who is grieving?

  1. Find a nearby GriefShare group. You will find great information about grieving and also encouragement and support from others in a small group setting. Visit to locate a group.
  2. Join the Ellie's Way Group which is a private group on Facebook. You'll find 16,000+ grieving people who understand and encourage. You'll find incredible support. Visit to join.
  3. Take care of yourself! Eat healthy, sleep, and exercise. Remember, cry, and also find other outlets. This is a long journey, so be patient. Read our Thoughts on Grief and Loss for more ideas.