Ellie's T-Ball Coach

by Todd Nigro
I was in line at a restaurant. The man behind me looked familiar, but he would not look my way. He was busy ordering and I considered just not engaging in any conversation. But, then there was a delay at the register, and I thought why not just go for it.

I said, “weren’t you a T-ball coach?” He replied, “Yes, years ago”. I asked him about his kids and he informed me about his new twins and other kids. He asked me about my kids, and I told him I had three, two boys and a little girl in heaven. I said, “I think you were her T-ball coach”.

Tears welled up in his eyes and I could see the pain in his face. He told me that of course, he remembered Ellie and me. He was so afraid to say anything. He told me that they cried and cried when she died in January and wanted me to know that they sent a card. I told him that “it is okay”.

I was fine, but this man was crying right there. I felt good that I could ease his burden, and that he remembered Ellie so fondly. I guess people do look the other way. They are afraid and also in lots of pain. The conversation brought back a bunch of great T-ball memories and I’m thankful for that.
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