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Let’s make some friends and get connected with others who are on a similar journey through grief and loss. Join the Ellie’s Way “Share Your Memories” Online Facebook Event on Sunday night, November 1st, from 9pm – 11pm Eastern Standard Time. People will still be around after that, if you wander in late or haven’t finished sharing. Throughout the Sharing time, the hosts will drop in questions to start new conversations. Engage with the questions that interest you and start a dialogue. Don’t hesitate to chat/message others who you would like to connect with – that’s why we are all here. The rules are simple. Be as honest as you want to be. Be as supportive as you can. Share if you want or just soak it all in. Don’t worry if you miss some of the conversations — you can always come back to this event page and view the content and make comments. Ellie’s Way GIVEAWAY! We’ll be giving away (5) Ellie’s Way Memorial Necklaces for this event. You’ll receive an entry for joining the event, sharing the event, or inviting your friends. Click to learn more about the necklaces. Winners will be announced at the end of the event. Please join the Share Your Memories Online Facebook Event! SHARE the event and invite anyone that might benefit!

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