Shadows of Silence: Reflecting on the Ironies of Losing a Child
May 7th, 2024
You once worried about their future, now you’d trade every tomorrow for just one more moment with them today....  Read More
The Alarming Rise of Fake Military Profiles on Social Media
March 20th, 2024
The widespread fraudulent use of military identities, such as General McFarlane's, underscores a significant problem. Thousands of fake profiles annually lead victims to lose millions of dollars. Thes...  Read More
The AI Isn't Lily
February 10th, 2024
A single brushstroke lingered on Lily's digital canvas, a testament to the artistry frozen in time. Michael's fingers hovered over the power button, a hesitant touch before the screen blossomed to lif...  Read More
Symphony of Souls
February 4th, 2024
In the realm of heartfelt connections and timeless romance, there exists a narrative so profound that it transcends the boundaries of ordinary love stories. Today, we are thrilled to introduce an exqu...  Read More
Echoes in the Wind
December 31st, 2023
In the hushed whisper of the night, a single heartbeat fluttered, a feather on the breath of dawn. It was a spark, a firefly igniting the universe with the promise of your existence. From that first, ...  Read More
From Tears to Hope: A Prayer for the Grieving Heart
June 26th, 2023
Dear Heavenly Father,In the stillness of my grieving heart, I come before You. My soul feels heavy with the weight of loss, and the echo of laughter and love now silenced fills my days with a profound...  Read More
Navigating the Sea of Memories: What to Do with a Loved One's Belongings After They Pass Away
June 26th, 2023
Coping with the loss of a loved one is a deeply personal journey, unique for every individual. Amidst the profound emotions and grief, one of the most challenging tasks can be determining what to do w...  Read More
Transforming Through Tears: Understanding Grief's Impact on Personal Identity
June 26th, 2023
Grief has an uncanny ability to seep into every aspect of our lives, transforming us in ways both visible and invisible. It can leave its fingerprints on our thoughts, our behaviors, our relationships...  Read More
Making Positive Life Changes While Grieving
June 15th, 2023
The loss of someone close affects everyone differently, but one constant is a need to process grief. Being aware of your needs and how to meet them, whether personally or among close friends and famil...  Read More
Saying Goodbye to a Loved One on Social Media
March 22nd, 2022
Whether you're a friend or the next of kin, making sure you honor a deceased loved one appropriately can be really difficult. Here are some tips that can help you on your journey....  Read More
One Last Moment with My Little Girl
January 19th, 2020
As our final day in Children’s Hospital unfolded, one of the nurses asked if I wanted to hold my little girl. Of course, I immediately replied, “Yes.” ...  Read More
Prayer from the Valley
December 20th, 2019
Dear Lord, help me with this pain and grief of losing someone so very precious in my life. Here I am Lord, forgive me. I’m aching for your love! ...  Read More