Ellie's  Way  Group

Ellie's Way Group

Private Grief Support Group on Facebook

After losing our sweet little Ellie, we were in shock. Our friends and family had no experience with the tragedy we faced. The sudden loss of a young child doesn’t occur very often in any one place, so there were few people to talk to who had lived through something like this. When I was in the pit of my despair, several people reached out to me and let me know that I was not alone.

I needed to know that others had survived this. I wasn’t sure I could. I wasn’t sure my family could.
A kind gentleman called me and told me his story of losing his dear son in a tragic accident several years before. He listened to me and sat in my pain with me. He gave me the gift of hope that we could survive. He was a gift that I needed at the moment that he called.

One of my wife’s friends from high school also let us know that she was there for us. She had lost her son and husband recently and suffered terrible injuries as well. Her willingness to share in our pain, in the middle of hers, gave us hope too.

We receive many requests for connections to others with similar losses at Ellie’s Way. It’s been quite overwhelming. So, we’ve created a group on Facebook where we can connect and share our stories. It’s a place where you can interact as much or little as you like.

Why join our group?

  • Encouragement and love!
  • Over 16,000 members and growing.
  • Interesting and engaging questions with many comments and discussion.
  • Remembering Special Days program for heavenly birthdays and angelversaries.
  • Weekly caption and photo contest.
  • “Share Your Memories” and "Holiday" events.

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Together we are not alone!

Feedback from Ellie's Way Group members:

“I was at my wit’s end in my grief journey and didn’t think I’d survive much longer after losing my 24 year old daughter in a car accident along with her 25 year old boyfriend. I found Ellie’s Way after numerous searches for a grief group I’d feel welcome in. Ellie’s Way not only saved my life, but the genuine care and compassion shown by every member, with no judgments, is beyond measure. Best grief support I’ve ever received, as I no longer feel alone in my grief.”
– David Cordes

"I can't even begin to tell you how much this group has helped me. Meeting some members of the group in Sedona has given me treasured memories. I’ve encouraged many others to join because of the sense of family this group brings. Ellie has truly blessed me and this group had been wonderful. I’ve learned about GriefShare and other ways to handle grief and joy is back in my life. I will ALWAYS miss my boy but I have a way to survive and it’s Ellie’s Way."
- Meg Shiffler

“I have had my ups and downs and this group has been my saving grace. Being able to come  here and reading about other people and how they are being uplifted and comforted. Supporting others has helped me with my grief. Knowing that there are others out there that totally get my craziness!”
– Shiela Weaver Cram

“We lost our precious son when he was just 3 months old to SIDS. I thought my life was over. I couldn’t believe that my precious beautiful baby was gone! It had to be a horrible mistake! But it wasn’t, he was gone. I was forever changed and still today grieve and cry for Jimmy. My next loss was my Daddy to cancer. Then my precious Mama to Parkinson’s! And 2 years later my only brother was murdered. I felt like I couldn’t go on. But I did because when I couldn’t walk, God carried me. Then almost 2 years ago my only sister passed away from a very aggressive cancer. I’ve lost many more loved ones, these are my closest. I actually found Ellie’s Way by accident on Facebook and decided to join. It has been such an amazing blessing for me! Many times I have felt like I was drowning in my grief on certain days, birthdays, the day I lost them, and there is always someone who deeply cares for me and reaches out to share this time with me, to help me get through it. Everyone genuinely cares about each other so deeply that I feel like I have gained another family. After I became a moderator which I was so honored to be, I began to reach out to more members myself. I’ve found that sharing kindness, compassion, concern and empathy for others has helped me to heal more than I would have ever realized. This amazing group is made of grieving people who have all endured the pain of loss and grief, yet we come together and comfort each other in ways that only we understand. Todd won’t accept the recognition he so deeply deserves but he has saved so many of us! Ellie’s Way is a blessing to everyone who belongs!”
– Karen Beasley

“God has guided me to the RIGHT places in His timing, throughout my life’s journey. I love Ellie’s Way. The love, support, and encouragement is quite amazing. Ellie’s Way was the perfect fit for me. I am SO grateful for the people here! May God bless each person. And, each hurting heart.”
– Marsha Lynn Hall

“When the darkest moments of my life were suffocating me, a friend of a friend guided me to a light. She told me about Ellie’s Way. I was hesitant to say the least because how could anyone know what I was going through. God led me to the light and to a place I could breathe again. If it weren’t for this group, I don’t know where I would have ended up. I found people who truly knew what I was as going through, as well as taking the time to get me through one day at a time. Thank you to everyone in Ellie’s Way. Your support makes life not so hopeless and the encouragement makes life livable again. God as Angels…Ellie’s Way!”
– Keilah Bee McDonald

“Finding Ellie’s Way has been my sanctuary since the death of my son, John, 2 years ago. From the very beginning, I found outpouring of support, unconditional love, and understanding. When I feel stilted by the outside world including my family at times, I know Ellie’s Way will extend its welcome with open arms. I don’t think I could weather this never ending grief storm alone. THANK YOU ALL.”
– Naunnie Brick

“I am able to say how I’m feeling, talk about my loved ones, and not be judged. The support and love from the group is comforting.”
– Gina Morr Ritchie

“Ellie’s Way helps me thrive. I was on a grief journey that was dark, lonely, stressful, and hopeless. I found out about Ellie’s Way because someone shared the link to the group on their timeline. The death of my son, husband, and most recently my mom is something I only felt comfortable talking about with those who were already on a grief journey. Ellie’s Way has many beautiful souls that reach out in love and genuinely care. The posts are beautiful and helpful. The love and light that I have found at Ellie’s Way have helped me to set a goal of thriving and not just surviving my grief. Ellie’s Way has truly been a blessing, from Almighty God, in my life. I am so thankful that someone shared the link, to Ellie’s Way, when I needed hope, empathy, compassion, love, and light.”
– Barbara Lynn

“I found Ellie’s Way when it popped up on my Facebook feed and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know what to do with myself after losing two of my boys three weeks apart. In this group I have built some beautiful friendships. This is the most amazing group of genuine loving and compassionate people. I honest to God don’t know what I would do without my Ellie’s Way family. Love, Sonja (Izzy and David’s momma)”
– Sonja Garcia

“I don’t remember how Ellie’s Way came to me but it was a blessing. My son was murdered, stabbed to death in 1995 at age 30. I have had years of counseling and group therapy. I’m no longer young but I am wise. Ellie’s Way helps me to stay whole, allows me to share what I have learned and is a great resource for unconditional love to exchange between members. None of us volunteered for this journey but each of us can learn from one another. How do we honor our loved one? By being Who We Are and doing simple things that remind us how very much THEIR life mattered. I’m grateful for Ellie’s Way and love knowing that Ellie’s life has affected thousands of people in such a positive way.”
– Ellen Babbitt Berna

“Ellie’s Way helps me as a grieving parent to feel understood. It feels good to hear from others that have similar feelings and situations. Ellie’s Way helps me feel as normal as I can after the gaping hole was put in my heart forever.”
– Leighea Johnson

“I only found this site a few years ago. My only 22 year old son died 30 years ago last June. I have been on this journey for a very long time. I have struggled until I finally realized that no matter how I felt, nothing was going to change! When I found Ellie’s Way I was absolutely shocked at the number of parents who have buried a child! I wish Ellie’s Way had been here 30 years ago! Thank you Todd, your family, and everyone who supports your cause! After all my years without my son, I realize I am not alone!”
– Nola Hasty