These poems were created by Todd Nigro with the assistance of AI programs (ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard).


Elegy in the Quiet Hours

In the quiet of an empty space,
your song clings, tender and serene,
Echoes of laughter twirl,
painting joy in the spaces unseen.
Cruel sunbeams gild our grief,
casting a mocking, golden light,
While echoes of our parting
draw salt lines in the night.

Frail testament of love in petals fallen,
where once your breath did sway,
Candlelight throws our dreams into relief,
shadows waltz in disarray.
Heartbeats and whispers converge,
a symphony in the dusk,
In our memory’s wild garden,
blooming amid the twilight's hush.

Time’s hands weave a tapestry,
each thread a tale of pain unfurled,
Stars murmur solace in the night,
their cool glow a quiet world.
Night's arms cradle my fractured heart,
where unvoiced words eternally whisper,
Tears blot pages with vows' specters,
in a communion we still keep.

Love's vibrant fire,
now but a whisper in the ashes of the past,
Where beauty and sorrow in
stark contrast are eternally cast.
The melody of your being,
paused yet alive in every breath I draw,
Guides me through shadows,
your love a constant, unwavering law.

Though the candle dims, your essence persists,
a phantom touch, a lingering kiss,
In love’s lasting silhouette,
I find solace, an oasis amidst the abyss.
Remnants of laughter cut through grief's veil,
a beacon in the dark,
As dawn’s embers sketch our eternal love,
a vow beyond the mortal mark.

Beneath stars' watchful eyes,
my soul seeks a bittersweet embrace,
A tapestry of farewells,
where love and loss interlace.
From gentle goodbyes to unfulfilled vows,
our love stands, resolute and prime,
An enduring echo in time’s corridor,
in my heart, transcending time.


Eclipse of the Soul

In life's intricate labyrinth,
a soul lost in shadowed gloom,
Seeks the lighthouse of forgiveness,
dispelling the doom.
Unveiling a gem hidden,
a symbol of unspoken tales,
A beacon of healing,
in forgiveness, it prevails.
Through despair's thickets,
emerges forgiving grace,
Guiding the wandering spirit,
to a compassionate embrace.
In its final step to peace,
the soul's journey does end,
In the embrace of forgiveness,
broken spirits mend.


Sonnet of Sorrow and Hope

In silent halls, where laughter once did ring,
A father mourns a joy forever lost.
His heart, a broken, tender, aching thing,
Recalls the love, and what that love has cost.
Memories stir, awaken each hallowed space,
Where echoes of her voice softly resound.
Each step a reminder, crystal clear,
Of a sweet voice now silent, a path unwritten.
Yet in this sorrow, where tears unseen do flow,
A father's love stands steadfast, strong, and deep,
A bond unbroken by fate's cruel blow,
In whispered vows, in nights devoid of sleep.
Though dreams may wane,
and laughter cease to sound,
In his heart, her bright smile forever bound.


Lullaby to the Stars

Beneath the night sky,
he sings a lullaby, soft and low.
'You were my light, my joy, my morning sun,
Our 'bunny fun', tickling until we were done.
Now in the stars, you shine so bright,
In constellations, your light guiding me tonight.'
His song, a river of unshed tears,
A melody of love, loss, and unspoken fears,
In the quiet, his heart's true words are said,
A lullaby to the stars, where her light forever is shed.


Echoes of Her Voice

In every tear, a memory finds its place,
Echoes of her voice,
her footsteps dancing with grace.
Through time's corridor,
his heart remembers her laugh.
In the garden, he sees her playful shadow cast,
In every tear, his love remains near,
A father's heart filled with memories held dear.
Through time's corridor, his heart feels her embrace,
In each memory, he revisits her face.
In every tear, his love's reflection clear,
Through time's corridor, her spirit draws near.


Lullaby at Twilight

As the year circles back to its beginning,
The mother stands where earth embraces sky.
Her words to the winds, to the ground, are singing,
A lullaby, a tender, final sigh.
'You were my joy, my dawn's first light,
In your eyes, the world anew.
Now in the stars, you shine so bright,
In constellations, I trace you.'
Her tears with rain, with earth unite,
A year of love, a year learning to endure,
In loss, she's found a different sight,
Guided by her star, in memories pure.


Tears of Remembrance

In every tear, a memory finds its place,
Echoes of laughter, echoes of grace,
Through time's corridor, her spirit traces.
In dreams, she visits, in silence, in solace,
In the mother's heart, a journey of many spaces,
A memory finds its place in every tear's traces.
Seasons turn, life's wheel spins, with gentle paces,
Yet love stands, untarnished, in its own grace,
In every tear, her memory embraces.
The heart remembers, the soul faces,
In the weave of fate, their paths interlaced,
Through time's corridor, love's trace never displaces.


Ballad of the Lost Days

In moon's soft glow, her song flows free,
Of times when joy was close, was near.
'Your laugh in the breeze, your spirit in the sea,
In every shadow, I feel you dear.'
Her voice to stars, to heavens, plea,
'In the garden, you chased butterflies with glee,
In night, your laughter I still hear.'
'Oh, child of mine, can you hear,
As I sing of days so dear?
In my heart, you're always here,
Guiding me, in night so clear.'
Each verse, a bridge to times so sweet,
To days of laughter, light's own treat.
In her song, love's heart will beat,
A beacon through time, in repeat.


Elegy of Contradictions

In hushed heartache, whispers of silence,
Frozen flames dance, paradox of fire and ice.
Sorrow's shroud, shadowed light,
Deafening silence where memories clamor, love's cry.
Living loss, absence breathes life,
Joyful tears blend with sweet sorrow's rife.
Painful comfort, familiar shawl's embrace,
Quiet roars resound in memory's tender grace.
Bittersweet moments, sharp and kind,
Blinding insight in the heart's chamber find.
Loud whispers in the void where laughter rang,
Frozen heat, paradox where warmth once sprang.
Heavy lightness, echo of their steps,
Dark brilliance, love's enduring concepts.
Silent screams pierce the void, wordless plea,
Bright shadows cast, where their light used to be.
Harsh loss's caress, touch of the past,
Dull spark in night, love's embers steadfast.
Restless stillness, peace in turmoil's grace,
Still movement in memory's enduring embrace.
In this dance of contrasts, love's design,
Elegy of contradictions, in grief, we find.
In loss's heart, love's flame unbroken,
A symphony of contradictions, beautifully spoken.


Wind's Conversational Echo

"To you, my angel," she whispers, eyes to the sky,
Her words carried by the wind, laughter, and a sigh.
Each visit, a sacred conversation,
nature's playful reply.
She asks, "Do you dance with stars,
or in dreams do you fly?"
Dandelion seeds whirl, as if in joyful reply.
"To you, my angel," she whispers, eyes to the sky.
Petals drift by, scented with memories,
making her sigh,
Leaves rustle, as if laughing at worries, by and by.
Each visit, a sacred conversation,
nature's playful reply.
Her heart speaks of love, memories that amplify,
The wind's tender echo,
a symphony under the open sky.
"To you, my angel," she whispers, eyes to the sky.
Nature's whispers speak in jest,
in comfort, they comply,
In every leaf's rustle, a tale, in every bird's cry.
Each visit, a sacred conversation,
nature's playful reply.
Her questions to the heavens,
seeking answers, wondering why,
The wind responds, in its way, never shy.
"To you, my angel," she whispers, eyes to the sky,
Each visit, a sacred conversation,
nature's playful reply.


Echoes in Every Droplet

Each tear a conversation, a testament of time,
Echoing dreams and laughter, in summer's prime.
Her heart unfolds in each droplet, a tale so sublime,
From sorrow to acceptance, love's enduring chime.
Grief and joy, in each tear, a journey, a climb,
Love's echoes clear, transcending life's paradigm.
From pain to peace, each droplet a narrative rhyme,
In grief and joy, love's sphere, forever in its prime.


Togetherness in Absence

Together in silence, alone,
Waves of memory, our last summer, vivid and warm.
Love remains, unchanged,
a constant star in night's embrace.
Heartbeats echo, whispers of the past,
your laughter in the sea breeze.
Love remains, unchanged,
an eternal bond beyond time.
Memories, like waves, retreat and return,
your voice in every ripple.
Together in silence, alone,
cradling our undying love.


The Unfinished Chronicle

In the village square,
the weaver's tapestry hangs,
vibrant yet incomplete.
Each thread a narrative,
each color a moment frozen in time.
The villagers, in their homage to the weaver,
add their strands to the fabric.
Their hands, though unskilled,
weave their own sagas into its folds,
creating a living chronicle.
It stands not as a relic of what was left behind,
but as a mosaic of collective memory,
ever-growing, ever-evolving.


Melody of Memories

Your guitar, in silence,
hums our song, a tender melody,
Beside it, vinyl ghosts,
stories our hearts let bleed.
The coffee cup you left,
a chill still lingering on its rim,
Each relic, a whispered note,
a love hymn, forever dim.
In their stillness, your essence,
a gentle symphony hummed,
Every chord, every stain,
a love forever strummed.


Canvas of Remembrance

In my quiet studio, I paint you,
colors weaving our story,
Each brushstroke a memory,
in grief and love, a territory.
The canvas, a world where you live,
vibrant and bold,
In every color, a piece of our journey,
stories untold.
This art, a journey from sorrow to beauty,
a transformation,
In each line, solace, in creation,
a celebration,
A canvas of remembrance,
our love's eternal foundation.


Nature's Lessons in Healing

Each falling leaf, a story of letting go,
your laughter in the wind,
Its rustle a symphony of stories,
in each whisper, you I find.
The rustling leaves share secrets,
their colors vivid in my grief,
Their dance a lesson in resilience,
in their fall, I find relief.
Stars spell out messages,
tales of eternal connection and care,
In the heart's autumn,
I find warmth in our love affair.
From nature's embrace, I learn to heal,
in life's ebb and flow,
In every season, I find you,
in the heart's gentle glow.


Whispers of Dawn: A Tapestry of Love and Loss

In dawn's quiet embrace,
where cosmos and dreams weave,
A single echo rises,
in morning's breath conceived.
The earth, in its silent ballet,
dreams blind to silence's embrace,
Where once vibrant laughter thrived,
now tranquility takes its place.

Beneath the willow's sigh,
as twilight's hue gently recedes,
On the canvas of the eve,
where joy's delicate trace still proceeds.
The wind, a bard of forgotten tales,
through the leaves softly roves,
Nature's cryptic mantle draws me in,
as memory through each whisper moves.

In sunlit meadows,
where our dreams once found their flight,
A realm of echoes cradles our joyous dance,
under skies so bright.
To the quietude, your melody clings,
a lighthouse ever steadfast,
Within my soul, your essence whirls,
a beacon through the vast.

Through the forest's hush,
your voice, a gentle caress, stirs,
A hidden symphony in the rustling leaves,
the night softly concurs.
At dawn, your spirit breathes,
with each ray's tender kiss,
A tribute to our undying bond,
in the shadows, it reminisces.

As seasons turn, your love,
an unwavering flame in the storm,
Guides me through the tempest,
your warmth keeps me from harm.
Wrapped in the shroud of sorrow
and moments of fleeting glee,
Your light, a singular star, shines,
guiding me to see.

In the quiet where twilight
and dawn's embrace entwine,
Your presence, palpable,
in the daybreak's colors divine.
Among the heavens' vast expanse,
the moon cradles your mirth,
A joy unending,
echoing through the celestial hearth.

Though time may mend, our love,
beyond its fleeting bounds,
Burns within my soul,
a place where your memory resounds.
As forms dissolve, our spirits merged,
in the ether soar,
In love's boundless depths,
our dance explores evermore.

In reflection's serene moment,
where light and shadow meld,
Our tale, against the day's dimming glow,
boldly upheld.
Now a whisper in the cosmos,
our bond the dark transcends,
In dreams, together,
where the fabric of eternity bends.

Each breath carries the essence of times past,
a soft zephyr's tease,
Your essence, a solace to my spirit,
in moments of peace.
An orchestra of the silent night
plays deep within, profound,
Echoing in my heart's sanctuary,
where our eternal love is found.

In stillness,
where heartache and beauty unite,
Your light endures,
a beacon through the endless night.
Through life's ephemeral dance,
amid dreams we dare to chase,
Our love whispers eternally,
across every time and space.

At the edge of infinity,
where soft sighs find their rest,
A question carried by starlight,
in the quiet, it's expressed.
Between the fading of the night
and dawn's first gentle light,
In our souls' embrace,
we find a love forever bright.

Where murmurs greet the morning,
our journey knows no bounds,
In the dance of light and dark,
our whispered love resounds.
Amidst the eternal ballet of stars,
where day and night unite,
Our connection, a shared glow,
forms the infinite light.

Concluding with our laughter,
as dawn's light we greet,
A whispered promise in the air,
where love and daybreak meet.
In the first morning ray
that the darkness gently parts,
Lies the essence of our bond,
forever etched in our hearts.


In a Garden of Sunflowers

In a garden of sunflowers,
their faces tilted west,
As sunset kisses them goodbye,
putting them to rest,
I see your smile in each golden bloom,
bright and sweet,
Remembering your laughter,
like wind chimes at your feet.

You chased butterflies,
giggling beneath the summer's gleam,
Now diamonds in the sky sparkle
like your eyes in a dream.
I miss the warmth of your hand,
the stories we'd unfold,
But under twilight's hush,
their echoes whisper solace in the cold.

Each sunflower sways,
whispering our love's tender vow,
Warm like sunshine,
chasing shadows from my brow.
No words are needed,
hearts speak in this serene space,
A bond unbroken,
etched in time and embraced.

My steps echo lonely
on the emerald path,
Yet hope blooms with each star,
guiding me from heartbreak's aftermath.
For in this garden bathed in celestial light,
Our reunion's promise shines ever so bright.


Tapestry of Time: An Ode to Infinity

Ink spills, a silent symphony
across time's boundless scroll,
Charting the cosmos,
where celestial bodies roll.
Existence, a lone flame
amidst the twilight's gentle embrace,
Casts its light,
guiding us through the infinite space.

Adorned in autumn's cloak,
where gold and shadow blend,
Whispers of mortality,
where dreams and dusk extend.
Faced with the stark silence
of winter's looming night,
Wisdom unfolds,
seizing life with quiet might.

In the hush of evening's tender,
enveloping fold,
We gather fleeting moments,
their brilliance bold.
Health, our transient ally
on this ephemeral flight,
Guides us gently,
whispering secrets of the night.

As the final act dawns,
our vigor quietly recedes,
Life, sculpted by the passage of time,
its countless deeds.
In fragility's embrace,
a melody of surrender sweet,
We discover solace,
where earth and ether meet.

Rewinding to the now,
where life's chorus sings,
A tapestry rich
with the vibration of strings.
Loss, its echo
a tender caress,
Illuminates wisdom,
in love's gentle recess.

With ink that dances,
crafting tales of love, of endless bounds,
We weave a fabric,
in which our collective heartbeat sounds.
Embrace the laughter, the tears,
each valiant fight,
Every moment a beacon,
radiating light.

Chase the ecstasy of existence,
in every breath drawn,
Where love's surge
lifts us to the dawn.
In remaining days,
let a legacy of warmth be cast,
Through kindness,
through love, vast.

Now, in the present's grace,
where life's myriad wonders unfold,
Each soul, each story,
in nature's mold,
Seeks the essence in glances,
in touches light,
Live with zeal, love deeply,
in the quiet night.
Walking the path
illuminated by stars above,
With boundless love, we move,
His peace, a realm
where fears are laid to rest,
In His embrace,
our spirits eternally blessed.

In every joy shared,
every sorrow we bear,
Silent whispers
of love fill the air.
Through tempests and tranquility,
in divine weave,
In the tapestry of time,
our stories interleave.


Whispers in the Silence: 
A Lamentation of Love and Loss

Whispered Sorrow
Shimmer, unseen by the stars,
Heart's murmur softly whispered,
Each drop a silent testament,

Embrace of Silence
Echoes left unanswered,
Emptiness, a lingering shadow,
Filling the void of empty seats,

Lingering Trace
A spectral presence looms,
Filling every nook with its sigh,
Its essence, a haunting air, persistent,

Evening's Spectre
Evening whispers through the chill,
Soul enveloped in grief's cold shroud,
Spectre of sorrow, its embrace unfolds,

Flame of Longing
Desire flickers, a desperate beacon,
Storms encircle this fragile light,
Yet, in despair's grip, a defiant spark rekindles,

Burden of Grief
A cloak woven from night's darkest weave,
Dragging steps into the silent void,
Its weight an unspoken echo of loss,

Echoes of Yesterday
Like distant melodies, now whispering away,
Fading into the embrace of the forgotten,
Once vibrant hues now gently receding,

Warmth's Last Breath
The flame's final sigh escapes,
Embers glowing faintly, a last ember of hope,
In the dust, past whispers shape the silence,

Silence Unfolding
Grows heavy,
smothering the hearth's last warmth,
Creeping into forgotten corners
where dreams once bloomed,
Loneliness echoes in its relentless spread,

Solitary Path
Now shadowed,
a path veiled by twilight's descent,
Searching for solace
in the memory of your light,
Steps wander, seeking your warmth
in the enveloping gloom,

Final Whisper
Echoes softly, a melody of parting,
Love's voice now a whisper, tender, yet profound,
Heart clinging to the resonance of parting words,